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In eternal search for meaning of life, the universe and everything, strong believer, that in ideal world, all problems can be solved using Star Wars quotes. Advocate of structured work, who, occasionally, also has to grab a whip to coordinate timelines and deadlines. In constant search of long-term solutions.

Lana Gobec

Head of the association
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In my work I calculate, fill in tables and forms, stamp, archive, wade through piles of rules and regulations, meet deadlines (sometimes I even manage to postpone them :)). I also edit Narobe blog, interfere in the work of my colleagues … On the other hand I am active in the fields of feminism(s), transgender topics, rights of Palestinian people … Do you want to know more about my work? Just ask.

Eva Gračanin

Head of financial department in editor of Narobe blog

Activist. Journalist. In charge of LGBT youth program. And program for LGBT seniors. Working on LGBT rights, with keen interest in LGBT media. And bears. I believe systemic changes are possible. And also that it’s possible to build a more inclusive society, where diversity is a value. My motto: there is no stronger person than a fragile one.

Mitja Blažič

Program coordinator

I'm a social worker. Some say it's written on my forehead, some say it's in my eyes. I say it's in me. I'm an activist in the field of self-harm behaviour and an advocate of children's and youth's rights. I'm also a great fan of music, books, guitar and endless philosophical debates. For everyone interested in a debate I'm waiting for you at the info point.

Program coordinator

Project coordinator
MZT 1 (1)

I am a typical NGO do-it-all. My work's main focus is with financial and administrative project monitoring, planning and reporting. But I also like to do event management and group work coordination, while the sociologist inside of me comes to the surface and contributes especially in the fields of HIV prevention and fight against discrimination.

Mateja Zobarič Trplan

Program coordinator
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Counsellor at the info point, assistant in the field of HIV/aids prevention as counsellor in programme of confidential and free of charge testing and counselling for HIV and STD within the community. I also work as a promotor, coordinator and organizer of the testing service.

Peter Štangelj

Program assistant
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Head of the Buddy programme and PLHIV Support & Advocacy Coordinator, HIV SOS Hotline Coordinator, CBVCT Counsellor

Mitja Ćosić

Program assistant

A social worker who likes to call myself a queer feminist. My job at Legebitra is to encourage alternative ways of counselling and self-help. From field group to field group I run and most of all I am that pain in the neck for teachers and school staff. Even though I am a social worker I see bureaucracy as annoying.

Katja Sešek

Program assistant
sebastjan sitar

The newest team member of Legebitra, consultant in the program of anonymous and free testing for HIV and other STD's in MSM community. Otherwise, I'm sociologist, educator nd historian, who in his free time likes to do new things and discovers new places. My motto: laughter is the best medicine.

Sebastjan Sitar

Program assistant

I am a (little bit untypical) psychologist, who does individual psychological support and support for parents of LGBT individuals. I believe that the non-governmental and social field is crucial for changing the society, especially for those that are often overlooked.

Blažka Plahutnik Baloh

Program assistant

External collaborators

Legebitra does not consist only out employees. Every day we collaborete with external staff, who are crucial for our programms.

ales jelenc

Sem zdravstveni tehnik in sodelujem kot zunanji sodelavec na programu zaupnega testiranja na HIV in SPO v skupnosti. Vsak ponedeljek se trudim, da uporabniki oddidejo iz testa z čim manj bolečo in čim bolj pozitivno izkušnjo. Po naravi sem večni pozitivec in optimist v življenju in to energijo skušam prenašati tudi na druge. Večni deloholik in perfekcionist, ki pa tudi včasih postane utrujen. 😉

Aleš Jelenc


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