If you are ready to face your own prejudices and see your stereotypes, you are invited to join the “Living Library” where books can speak”! The Living Library functions like any other library, except that the books are people who, in conversation with readers, open the door to personal stories and experiences. Human books are representatives of vulnerable social groups that face prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, stigmatization and social marginalization. The reader can be anyone who is willing to confront their own stereotypes and prejudices and read / talk to a vulnerable group representative for up to 30 (or 45) minutes.

Living library is a means by which through an innovative method of active dialogue we actively raise awareness and educate ourselves about human values, human rights and stimulate debate about prejudices and stereotypes in society. The project comes from Denmark, where young people, in response to the violence of 2000, organized the first live theater at the Roskilde Music Festival. Today Living libraries are organized in more than 100 countries. In Slovenia it was held for the first time in 2007 in cooperation with 3 organizations. Since then, we have trained 16 NGOs which are now affiliated to the Living libraries informal network.

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