Odziv na HIV


In Slovenia, the number of identified sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis, is in increase for a longer time now. Treatment for syphilis is simple and successful, hepatitis B is also curable when early detected and can also be avoided with preventive vaccination. HIV infection is a manageable chronical disease due to contemporary treatment.

Programme of testing offers free of charge, anonymous and confidential testing for HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis and oral gonorrhoea.

If you are worried about a risk event, for instance sexual intercourse with risk of infection, you have to take into account the four-week transitional period or “window”. This means that testing is applicable only six weeks after the event. In the meantime infection is not detectable. It is important not to have any new risk events during this time. Only this way your test will be accurate after six weeks. And only this way you will not pass on potential infection while it’s not yet detectable.

Testing is recommended to all sexually active individuals, couples at the beginning of their relationship, partners at any point of their relationship and in any form of relationship. Common testing of partners is makes a lot of sense if you are thinking about or practicing unprotected sex in your relationship!

Testing in community is due to limited resources available only to men who have sexual relations with men (gay, bisexual, all other men who have sex with men, and trans persons). To all those who are not included we apologise for not being able to accommodate you in our service at present time due to limitations posed by our funders. We recommend use of other testing services. Thank you for understanding!

Testing is available every Monday between 17. in 20. and every last Saturday of the month between 12. in 15 at Trubarjeva 76a in Ljubljani,  first and third Friday of the month between 23. in 02. in Club Tiffany and last Monday of every month in Sauna Gymnasium. From time to time we also organise testing outside Ljubljana. For MSM population we also offer free vaccination against hepatitis A and B.

For more information check out www.testiran.si, or contact us at +386 1 430 51 44 or [email protected].