Living Library

Where books speak

Have you ever thought about prejudices and stereotypes you have about others? Or about how other people see you? Are you full of stereotypes about Muslims and Jews, immigrants, priests, homosexuals, Roma or handicapped? Did it ever cross your mind that this is so because you never had an opportunity to talk to one of the above mentioned persons and get to know what their life is actually like?

If you are ready to confront your own prejudice and meet your stereotype in person you are welcome to join the Living Library where the books can speak!

Living Library is a mean through which with innovative method of active dialogue we raise awareness and educate about human values, human rights and promote discussion on prejudice and stereotypes in society.

Living Library faces the reader with their own prejudiced and stereotyped notions and offers a concrete opportunity to meet their own stereotype in person. Books of Living Library are members of different minorities, socially vulnerable groups and everyone who is facing prejudice in their own life and are thus prepared to share and talk about their experience with visitors of library.

More information on Living Library can be found at, or you can contact us at +386 1 430 51 44 or [email protected]