Human rights

We put a lot of attention on promotion of human rights in our association because we understand that public awareness, especially of the youth, about human rights, human dignity and mutual respect are the basis for understanding and acceptance of diversity in society. We strive to point out human rights, especially rights of LGBT persons, in all of our programmes, but we address them directly in our workshops for wider public and youth and those who work with youth. Thus we build the bridge to understanding of personal circumstances and accentuate diversity as a positive thing that enriches our society.

Workshops on human rights

We organise workshops on the basis of invitation in secondary schools, youth centres, organisations, also at diverse festivals, mainly of non-governmental organisations (such as Festival of voluntary work, NGO Bazaar LUPA, etc.)

Workshops are intended for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the topic of human rights through informal and experiential approach. Our wish is to reach youth, youth workers, members of and volunteers in different organisations, informal groups, associations and youth centres.


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Living library

Living library confronts a reader with their own prejudices and stereotypes and provides a concrete opportunity to meet with their own stereotype. Books of Living library are namely representatives of different minorities, socially vulnerable groups and everyone else who is confronted with prejudice in their everyday life and are open to speak of their experiences and share them with visitors of library.


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Breaking the walls of scilence!

Breaking the walls of silence! web site is a platform for opening discussion on homosexuality and homophobia in class room, and aims to contribute to improvement of specific needs and realities of LGBT pupils and students.


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DIKE is an LGBT and NGO empowerment project for elimination of systemic and structural discrimination of same-sex oriented persons and strengthening of active citizenship, the rule of law, democracy and social justice. Within project we analyse legislation with the purpose of identification of discrimination of same-sex couples and families, research everyday life of gay and lesbians, establish peer legal counselling service, network of specialised LGBT friendly lawyers, monitoring system for violation of rights of LGBT persons and legislation changes and extensive social partnership of stake holders working in the field of LGBT equality. Lead partner of the project is DIC Legebitra who works in partnership Zavod za kulturo raznolikosti Open, Peace Institute, Advocate of the Principle of Equality (Ministry of work, family, social affairs and equal opportunities), Institute for Legal Research, Education and Counselling) and our partner from Oslo, Norwey Landsforeningen for lesbisk og homofil frigjøring (LLH). The project is funded by EGP financial mechanism 2009-2014. For more information on project and its products go to

Words Shape Identity!

The purpose of “Words Shape Identity” project is to raise awareness on inclusive LGBT terminology and its use in youth work. The purpose will be achieved through the use of different methods of informal education, primarily creative writing.

In February 2016 22 youth workers from 11 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey) will meet at a 7-day training course in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They will discuss different situations in LGBT communities and inclusive LGBT terminology in a safe and creative environment, where everyone is motivated to express themselves, their role in local, regional, national and European context in creating safe spaces for LGBT youth with inclusive language.

The added value of the project will be a web page with blogs from the participants in which they will share their knowledge and experience gained during the training course and share it with other youth workers. The latter will be also encouraged to contribute their own blogs for the mentioned web page, therefore spreading the knowledge and experience even after the project’s completion.

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 For more information contact Eva Gračanin at [email protected].

Let’s stop hate speech in on-line comments!

The purpose of the “Let’s stop hate speech in online comments!” is to facilitate comments expressing hate, insults and inappropriate language, educate on diversity in society and the freedom of speech and raise awareness on the importance of informed commenting of social, political and cultural developments in public spheres, concretely in online comments.