Breaking the walls of silence!

Breaking the walls of silence! web site is a platform for opening discussion on homosexuality and homophobia in class room, and aims to contribute to improvement of specific needs and realities of LGBT pupils and students.

With a selection of relevant resources and practical recommendations we aim to raise awareness on the need for discussion presence on homosexuality and homophobia in educational environment and present ways for discussion introduction that are positive and not frightening or ideological but rather supported with scientific facts, local and international research and in line with international educational standards and directives.

Web site is intended primarily for teachers in secondary schools, however, it is appropriate also for other formal and informal educational settings. It was developed on the basis of findings and recommendations of two comparable national researches, conducted in 2012 in Slovenia and Poland within project Breaking the Walls of Silence, and aims to act as support:

  • For better understanding of educational and safety needs of pupils who are or are presumed to be LGBT,
  • To overcome prejudice, stereotypes, lack of knowledge and challenges related to introduction of discussion on homosexuality and homophobia in class room and wider school setting,
  • For inclusion of discussion on homosexuality and homophobia into education in the field of social justice and human rights,
  • To transfer relevant facts and practical advice about how to get knowledge, increase self-confidence and competences regarding the topic,
  • And also to present ideas on how to efficiently and consistently support pupils and impact their confidence and self-esteem.

There are various and numerous publications, handbooks, brochures etc. on the topic of discussion in school setting and situations and experiences of LGBT persons available, at least on international level. Web site also does not recommend recipes or standard approaches to introduction of this topic in the class room as we are aware that this depends on capability and innovativeness of teachers that have such intention and also on the level of permissiveness of school environment and management supportiveness.


Web site content should therefore be used as a platform for understanding the needs of same-sex oriented and transgender pupils, obtaining additional information about the topic and developing inclusive approaches that will help you to fulfil your mission in the class room as comprehensively as possible.