Workshops on human rights

We emphasize promotion of human rights in our association because we understand that public awareness, especially of the youth, on human rights, human dignity and mutual respect are the basis for understanding and acceptance of diversity in society. We strive to point out human rights, especially rights of LGBT persons, in all of our programmes, but we address them directly in our workshops for wider public and youth and those who work with youth. Thus we build the bridge to understanding of personal circumstances and accentuate diversity as a positive thing that enriches our society.

Educational workshops on human rights are facilitated by trained trainers who gained their experiences and knowledge from the field of human rights in youth centres of Council of Europe in Budapest and Strasbourg as well as at trainings on national level. Our human rights workshops are based on the Council of Europe COMPASS programme promoting the method of informal education. This way we are promoting exchange of knowledge and experiences among participants of our workshops successfully.

Workshops are organised upon previous invitation in Slovenian secondary schools, youth centres, organisations as well as at diverse festivals, mainly organised by non-governmental organisations (such as, Festival of Voluntary Work, NGO Bazaar LUPA, etc.).

Workshops are intended to everyone who wants to get acquainted with the topic of human rights through informal and experiential approach. Our wish is to reach youth, youth workers, members and volunteers in different organisations, informal groups, associations and youth centres.

For more information and scheduling of workshops you can contact us on 01 430 51 44 or send us an email!