Program Counseling and self-help for same-sex oriented individuals offers:

  • safe space for sharing your experience;
  • professional support in reducing the negative psycho-social consequences of discrimination based on sexual orientation and / or gender identity shown through experience of violence, harassment, etc. and learning to master and handle these situations;
  • professional support in managing the distress associated with sexual orientation and / or gender identity;
  • professional support, training and information on the assistance network available;
  • raising awareness and educating individuals as well as institutions about LGBT topics;
  • professional support for mental health care and personal growth of users.

All program services are completely free of charge.

Counseling is provided in the form of personal (with prior announcement and appointment), phone and online counseling, support and empowerment.

Answers to questions can be obtained by calling 01 430 51 44 and by email [email protected] .

Psycho-social support

Our professional work is based on an individual approach and offers psycho-social support in several important areas of life (interpersonal relationships, health, safety, quality of life, etc.)

The counseling process, consisting of psycho-social support and involvement in activities, provides support for problems that may stem from the hardships you experience due to sexual orientation and / or gender expression (eating disorders, self-harming behavior, interpersonal problems, etc.). or support in the current life situation you are facing and need additional help and support to successfully deal with it.

Support groups

In Dialog

… is a support group that addresses themes such as stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships etc. At the same time it’s a place where you can get to know new people, exchange experience and get support in areas that you need and want to be supported. Last but not least, there is strength in numbers, and maybe some of the participants already have strategies that you could use, too.

The group is coordinated by Mateja Vilfan. Meetings take place every second Wednesday of the month between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm in Youth Center Legebitra, Trubarjeva 76a in Ljubljana. You can join us without prior notice. You can find the info about meetings on our social media websites.


… is a support group you can join if you are a transgender person who is in the gender confirmation process or you are thinking for it. At the meetings we will share experiences, provide information and mutual support during the medical process.

The group is coordinated by Blažka Plahutnik Baloh. Meetings take place every third Wednesday of the month between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm in Youth Center Legebitra, Trubarjeva 76a in Ljubljana. You can join us without prior notice. You can find the info about meetings on our social media websites.

In the Cloud

… is an online support group that you can join if you can’t attend our activities in Ljubljana due to distance of your residence or other reasons. We address themes that the participants bring with them and need support with in the form for sharing of experiences and mutual support.

Meetings are facilitated and coordinated by Mateja Vilfan and Blažka Plahutnik Baloh. They take place every fourth Wednesday of the month between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm via Zoom app. Prior notice is required. You can find the info about meetings on our social media websites.

Outreach counseling service

…  for LGBT persons who need support but for various reasons can’t visit us in Ljubljana. As part of the outreach counselling service we offer online support groups, you can find more info on Legebitra’s Facebook page.

We also offer the possibility of individual counselling which means that we come to you. For more info and application, you can call us by this number 01 430 51 44 or write to us at [email protected].

Legebitra’s therapeutic group

Legibitra’s therapeutic group is an effective tool for personal growth. Members of the group can improve their attitude towards themselves and others through expressing their own vulnerability, through connection and conflict. The group is also in the process of raising awareness and processing unconscious motives and conflicts that affect profound and lasting changes in the lives of group members. It is a safe place where we can share our problems, practice new ways to connect with others and change our self-image, it is also a place where we can reduce anxiety, depressed feelings and unpleasant feelings of loneliness. In and through it, we try to answer these many personal questions, break down both social and our own stereotypes, and try to find our own identity.

The group meets once a week for an hour and a half. It is performed by the external therapist Iztok. Anyone interested in group membership has the opportunity to talk to a therapist before joining. These interviews are an opportunity to discuss all outstanding issues, both personal and group-related.

Additional information can be obtained at 070 734 149 (Iztok). You can register for the introductory interview via email [email protected].