Voluntary work

Voluntary work is of great importance for development and future of society. Its contribution to development of existing systems, values of solidarity, social and other progress of society is indispensable and therefore has to be nourished and valued adequately.

Voluntary work is important, because:

  • It contributes to improvement of quality of life in society;
  • Defends the interests of individuals and groups that are endangered, disadvantaged, pushed to margin, excluded;
  • It is one of the basic responses of civil society to the needs of society and creates an opportunity for active participation of citizens in society;
  • Voluntary work is either a standalone or additional activity, and added value to existing services and institutions.

Voluntary work is NOT a privilege of individual social groups. No citizen should be excluded from voluntary work due to their social situation, minority group affiliation, age or sickness.

DIC Legebitra association conducts regular voluntary work trainings through which they are trained for voluntary work within programmes and projects of the association. Through training they are introduced with the mission and vision of association, rights and duties, and fields of work in accordance with their expressed interests, such as discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, work with LGBT youth, health (HIV/AIDS prevention), human rights, equality in society – social inclusion, communication with target groups and public (informing).

DIC Legebitra association is a member of Slovenian network of voluntary organisations, a project of Slovene Philanthropy, Association for promotion of voluntary work, signatory of Ethic code of organised voluntary work and a registered Voluntary organisation in accordance with Volunteering Act.

For more information on possibilities of voluntary work contact us at +386 1 430 51 44 or write to us.