HIV and STDs

Legebitra association activities in the field of health are based on relevant documents and directives for programmes and projects for LBGT community (such as HIV Infection Prevention and Control Strategy for 2010-2015).

Basic activities in this field are represented by activities of HIV prevention aiming at HIV and STDs transmission prevention via sexual intercourse. This objective is realised through promotion of safer sexual behaviour including promotion of consistent and correct use of condom, informing and counselling related to possibilities of infection with HIV and STDs and diverse support activities intended for those who have questions about safer sex and those who live with HIV. Activities are primarily intended for MSM (men having sex with men) target group.

Opening times

Open during weekdays: MON / WED/ FRI: 12:00 - 16:00 TUE/ THU: 12:00 - 18:00

Counselling–preventive programme

Counselling service provides information, answers and possibility for conversation about difficulties related to HIV and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It is intended primarily for men who have sex with men (MSM).

We also provide service of individual psychosocial counselling and support for persons who live with HIV.

We also have an HIV SOS hot-line offering information on PEP.

All counselling services are provided in form of personal (upon previous mutual agreement), phone and on-line counselling, support and assistance. More information on counselling can be found here.

You can get answers to your questions by calling us on +386 1 430 51 44 or writing to [email protected].


Programme of testing provides free of charge and confidential testing for HIV, hepatitis B and C, oral and rectal gonorrhoea intended for all men who have sex with men (MSM) and trans* persons. To all of those who already had hepatitis B vaccination we offer free of charge titre antibody presence measurement.

Testing is available every working Monday between 17.00 and 20.00 and every first Saturday in month between 12.00 and 15.00 at Trubarjeva 76a in Ljubljana. We also organise regular testing every first and every third Friday in month between 23.00 and 02.00 at Tiffany Club, and every last Monday in month at Gymnasium Sauna. Occasionally we also organise testings in other towns across Slovenia. We also provide free of charge hepatitis A and B preventive vaccination for all MSM.

For more information on Legebitra testing programme see

Odziv na hiv


The objective of the project is to decrease / prevent spread of diseases related to lifestyle (HIV / other sexually transmitted diseases STDs).

Project will:

·       Establish / execute a holistic programme of promotion of safe sex and HIV testing in the community, outside of healthcare institutions

·       Increase the number of trained experts for HIV / MSM

For more information on project see

Thursday dialogues

Thursday Dialogues are regular weekly events intended for discussions about health with special emphasis on topics related to HIV. In a relaxed environment every working Thursday we organise different activities – discussions, round tables, creative workshops, movie evenings etc.

For additional information you can reach us at +386 1 430 51 44 or [email protected]