Sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression

Counselling service provides information and possibility to talk about issues regarding sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. It is available to LGBT persons, transgender persons and to everyone who is close to someone who is LGBT or transgender person and encounter such questions internally or in wider society.

With counselling and informing services about sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression we aim to reach also pedagogical personnel and professional counsellors in secondary schools, counsellors at centres for social work as well as all other experts working in the fields of youth work, social care and social inclusion who within their programmes work also with LGBT and transgender persons.

Opening times

Open during weekdays: MON / WED / FRI: 12:00 - 16:00 TUE / THU: 12:00 - 18:00

Counselling service is available in form of personal (upon previously agreed appointment), phone and on-line counselling, support and empowerment. You can get answers to your questions at +386 1 430 51 44 or [email protected].

Field work is meant for the socializing of young LGBT+* people, non-normative people and people who are questioning themselves about their sexual orientation and/or sexual identity. The event will take place once per month in Koper, Maribor, Radovljica and Novo Mesto. It will be made up of a support group and events for socializing. Information about the events can be found on the Legebitra webpage, for all additional information you can contact us by mail [email protected].


Counselling service provides information, answers and a possibility to talk about difficulties related to HIV and STDs. It is primarily intended for men having sex with men (MSM).

Coming out

Coming out is an event of immense importance and therefore accompanied with many questions, worries, dilemmas, etc. Since at Legebitra we believe all questions are important we want to offer our support in your quest for answers through a meaningful conversation.

Legal counselling

Legal counselling is available to everyone confronting discrimination or questions of legal nature due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression in their everyday life. It includes information about rights, procedures and possible steps that can be taken.

Counselling and support for persons living with hiv – Buddy programme

Buddy programme is intended for persons who live with hiv. It consists of personal, on-line and phone counselling, as well as peer and emotional support and socialising. It is staffed with trained counsellors bound by anonymity and confidentiality. For more information please write to: [email protected]

For more information we are avaliable at [email protected].

How to understand your own child??

 At Legebitra association experienced counsellors provide support to parents in understanding their child’s sexual orientation, identity and expression. We can address your fears, questions and worries through a meaningful conversation.


Legebitra association includes transgender persons and transgender topics in diverse programmes, projects and activities. Our info point provides access to information on transgender issues. Transgender persons are welcome at our social, educational, cultural, expert and other events, and they are also invited to join our group of volunteers. In cooperation with institute transfeminist initiative transakcija we raise awareness on transgender topics in diverse target groups.

HIV SOS counselling

Do you think you have been exposed to hiv lately? If you have, there is pep – post-exposure prophylaxis or protective antivirus treatment that can prevent infection – available to you. It is of utmost importance to start treatment as soon as possible after the potential exposure to the virus, preferably within 2 to 4 hours, but no later than 72 hours after the exposure.

If you suspect you have been exposed to hiv and wish to receive pep, please call us at +386 70 361 696. We have a counsellor available 24/7. It is important to act quickly!

Personal counselling for LGBT persons

Life is constantly serving us challenges and obstacles. At Legebitra association we offer support in all life situations that might burden you without fear of disclosure and judgement based on your sexual orientation, identity or gender expression.

Target groups