Living library

In May 2007, a group of young people under the guidance of Jasna Magić from Legebitra, Primož Jamšek from Slovenian Philanthropy and Simona Muršec from the Center for Non-formal Education of Slovenia presented an innovative project for the promotion of diversity and acceptance titled Living Library – don’t judge a book by its cover!


Living Library (also known as Human Library) is a project which, in using the method of active dialogue, actively raises awareness and education on human rights and values and encourages discussion on prejudices and stereotypes in society. The method of Living library confronts the readers with their own prejudices and stereotypical ideas and offers a possibility to meet with their own stereotypes directly. The books in the Living Library are representatives of various minorities, socially deprived groups or those who face prejudices in their lives and are ready to talk about their experience. Today, Living Library is run by at least 16 non-governmental organizations all over Slovenia, connected into a national network of Living libraries.