Project DIKE

In 2014, DIKE, a project aimed to empower LGBT people and NGOs for the elimination of systemic and structural discrimination, the strengthening of active citizenship, the rule of law, democracy and social justice, has come to life. It contained a series of activities aimed at strengthening the social partnership with relevant stakeholders (LGBT human rights activists, LGBT NGOs, other NGOs, national institutions at local and national level, academic sphere …). The project was coordinated by Legebitra.

DIKE is also very important because it developed the website, as well as LGBT Legal Advisory Service and the Lawyers’ Network. Since the academic year 2017/2018, work of the LGBT Legal Advisory Service takes place within the framework of the Legal Advisory Service for the protection against discrimination, conducted at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, as an officially approved and accredited co-curricular activity at the University of Ljubljana.